Writing is hard, but it doesn’t have to hurt! Very true. So time to write and write.

The Point of the Quill

Friday I went to the doctor and ended up in the hospital. Two things I hate the most. Apparently I passed out on the sidewalk (just “this close” to leaving the dreaded, but ever so helpful, doctor) and woke up with nurses holding me, an ambulance on the way, and a friend talking to whoever was holding my feet. “Tell us your name.” I tried to get the words out but couldn’t. Finally, with much effort, “Lee” from a long distance away but I finally said it. My friend helped them with the rest as the sirens got closer. (I very much dislike ambulances, more then the other two listed above; so Friday was not a banner day.) 

They moved me onto a gurney, though I can only tell you this from what my friend filled me in on. Asked me tons of questions as they stuck needles in me…

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“How far you go in your life…

“How far you go in your life depends on your being tender with the young, compassionate with the aged, sympathetic with the striving, and tolerant of the weak and strong. Because someday in your life you will have been all of these.”
~ George Washington Carver

Your Inspiration For Today!
How many times a day, week, a month, do we have the opportunity to be great through simple acts of kindness? We would venture to say A LOT! Ever get a compliment from a complete stranger? How good does that feel!!! Pretty good, huh? We have a job for all of you today. Compliment a complete and total stranger. It might not be easy, but we promise you that you will BOTH feel like a million bucks! Never underestimate the power of touch, a smile, a kind word, a listening ear, or an honest compliment. We ALL have the potential to turn a day….or even a life around!

Doug Westmoreland Co-Founder

I’m an avid fun of Life Secrets.  Their daily inspiration keeps me on my toes and helps me live life to the fullest.  Posting it here to inspire you as well!

Side trip at Luneta Park

What made business trips equally enjoyable is when you get to see places you never thought you could see.  In spite of the very busy schedule for the 2-day trip in Manila, I run off to Luneta Park and enjoyed every moment with my company who was also having fun as I did.  He did all the picture-taking while with my heart’s delight I did all the poses I could.

Rizal Park or Luneta Park is the park located in the heart of the city of ManilaPhilippines.  It’s where you get to see Filipino families do the traditional picnics and bonding moments together with their children, and tourists enjoying its landscapes and well-documented history.   The park is one of the major tourist attractions of Manila.  Walking around the park reminded me of the wonderful history we have.  The park was officially named in honor of our National Hero, Dr. Jose Rizal who was executed last December 30, 1896.

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Let go and let it be

I don’t know what to write today.  All I wanted to do is sleep but sleeping isn’t even the best thing to do.   My head is just full of questions.  I just wanted to blow it all the way!

Have you ever felt so useless in your life when you believe there’s something you can do but still it won’t do anything?

How come life is so good yet so unfair?

Why are there people who doesn’t really care about the smallest good thing you have ever done and only sees the big hole in the pit?

You’ve done the best thing you could, yet left unnoticed?

Why do there are others who are more blessed yet so unpleased even so displeasing?

Why cant’ others just be happy for you when they know you are?

Lots of questions really…

Time to let God, let go and let it be!

Happy 67th birthday Papa

The handsomest father in the world according to his five daughters and one son :-), turned 67 years old yesterday.

Papa as usual, would always get disappointed when I come home late from work so I took a undertime by 5:00pm and rushed home.  Coming home is a half and hour ride.  Feeling stressed I dozed off inside the public vehicle.  Thankfully, I arrived safely at 7:00pm just in time for dinner.

I wished him increased good health and sound mind.  I wish and pray that he will have more than energy to drive his little kiddos going to school.  He always loves driving for them using our old tricycle.  It’s the same vehicle he was using when me and my sisters were in high school.  We were so happy seeing him having fun with his five (5) grandchildren.  How I wish to give him a grand kiddo too.  Maybe in time when the right guy for me arrives.  Seeing him and Mom happy and healthy is more than enough.  I couldn’t wish for more.

Happy birthday Papa!

Missing Kinderdijk

Exactly the same day today, September 14, 2011, I had my footsteps in one of the most beautiful places in Holland, Kinderdijk.  Yes I was so blessed to have visited the place, to have enjoyed the land, water, and air.  When I was there, I always say to our host, Mr. Gijs that I’m falling in love and will surely come to see its beauty once again.  The memories are still fresh and it made me so teary eyed, well… tears of joy seeing all the pictures and making me remember all the details.  Indeed God created the world, and the Dutch created Holland.

Here are some of the wonderful memories…

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Coaching a newbie

Today in the office is maybe like any ordinary day. But what made it extraordinary is that I find myself hooked up with patiently teaching a new HR staff who just turned one month old in the company.

The moment I entered the office she was already busy discussing about government related concerns and I’m happy that her enthusiasm was kindled by the support of the people around who were also willing to satisfy her curiosity.  After their discussion, I invited her to my table and we discussed what she has learned over the conversation.  Soundly confused with information overload yet she managed to smile and told me she will try her best to get the complete information she needed. I’m sure her persistence will pay off.

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