Change our words, change our world

I saw an inspirational video from Life Secrets. The video was a story about an old blind man sitting in the street with his two bare hands begging alms from the people passing by. The sound of every penny droplet painted a smile on his face.  Suddenly, a lady wearing black corporate coat approached her.  He touched her shoes, feeling it, and hoping she will drop a little something. Yet she didn’t.  Instead, she took the piece paper (from a torn box) beside the old man and wrote something at the back of the paper where a note was written “I’m blind please help me.”

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Side trip at Luneta Park

What made business trips equally enjoyable is when you get to see places you never thought you could see.  In spite of the very busy schedule for the 2-day trip in Manila, I run off to Luneta Park and enjoyed every moment with my company who was also having fun as I did.  He did all the picture-taking while with my heart’s delight I did all the poses I could.

Rizal Park or Luneta Park is the park located in the heart of the city of ManilaPhilippines.  It’s where you get to see Filipino families do the traditional picnics and bonding moments together with their children, and tourists enjoying its landscapes and well-documented history.   The park is one of the major tourist attractions of Manila.  Walking around the park reminded me of the wonderful history we have.  The park was officially named in honor of our National Hero, Dr. Jose Rizal who was executed last December 30, 1896.

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Coaching a newbie

Today in the office is maybe like any ordinary day. But what made it extraordinary is that I find myself hooked up with patiently teaching a new HR staff who just turned one month old in the company.

The moment I entered the office she was already busy discussing about government related concerns and I’m happy that her enthusiasm was kindled by the support of the people around who were also willing to satisfy her curiosity.  After their discussion, I invited her to my table and we discussed what she has learned over the conversation.  Soundly confused with information overload yet she managed to smile and told me she will try her best to get the complete information she needed. I’m sure her persistence will pay off.

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