Keep Calm, Carry On and Don’t Look Back, for Long

Yes, keep calm, as all is well!

The Point of the Quill

Minute Hand on Clock

I was reading today a beautiful piece of writing sent to me in Brad Listi’s latest newsletter. If you haven’t yet acquainted yourself with The Nervous Breakdown, it’s a crying shame.

It reminded me of my first true love. A man with a red corvette, curly brown hair and a heart of pure gold. We lived a long-distance relationship throughout our college years. Many trips from either of our college towns down the nine-hour drive to a large southern city populated with either Limos or Toyota Corollas and, for a few weeks a year, one red corvette and two people in love.

During our summer breaks, I spent many a day or evening at his college-town apartment; until 11 pm or 3 am-if we fell asleep in each others arms. He was the quiet shield from the beatings at home of one parent or the crass treatment by a step-mother that only…

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The start of something new

To start or not, was the question..

But I am not here to give up…

I’d rather start and do it

As trying is not an option..


Scary so it was

Anxious so I was

And yet I sail it through

With the wonderful people surrounding me so

Cheering me up

Go go go

For a brand new you!