Change our words, change our world

I saw an inspirational video from Life Secrets. The video was a story about an old blind man sitting in the street with his two bare hands begging alms from the people passing by. The sound of every penny droplet painted a smile on his face.  Suddenly, a lady wearing black corporate coat approached her.  He touched her shoes, feeling it, and hoping she will drop a little something. Yet she didn’t.  Instead, she took the piece paper (from a torn box) beside the old man and wrote something at the back of the paper where a note was written “I’m blind please help me.”

Few many minutes after, the old man was no longer hearing droplets but sounds of rain. He was so amazed of the rain of coins and couldn’t afford to raise his hands to beg anymore, only found himself busy collecting the blessings.  The lady came by. Again the old man touched her shoes and realizing it was the same lady who wrote something on his paper so he asked her, “What did you do?”   The lady replied, “Nothing. I just wrote the same thing, but the other way around.”

She has written at the back of the paper, “It’s a beautiful day, but I can’t see it.”

I’m deeply touched of that video knowing we really could make this world a much better and peaceful world by changing our WORDS.  I happened to hear another story of a knight who excitingly told the king of the arrival of his guests.  To his surprise the king said, “Am I going to open the door for them?” The knight left without saying a word.  His excitement was killed with the king’s cold reaction.  Later did the king realized that everything was already set for him and when he looked for the knight to say thank you, the knight preferred to be on post as cold as snow.


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