Story No. 214

I love books.  One of the little books I bought last 2008 was the “The Next 500 Stories by Frank Mihalic, SVD.  It’s a red colored book and the 3rd volume of Fr. Mihalic’s collection of anecdotes and short stories.  What I like about it is its simple conversation and it’s enriched with wisdom, wit and humor.  According to Fr. Frank the purpose of his book is to be of help to his Pacific islands brothers and sisters who need stories to communicate their messages.  He believes in the Indian guro Vyasa’s observation that “the shortest distance between a human being and a truth is a story.”  

Arrived home past 10 in the evening today and the red book seemed to greet me tonight.  Missed reading it also because lately I’ve been hanging out with new books of leadership and management.  Well, now I’m glad I’m with it.  I need to re-charge myself from work and life pressures.  And I love to share the story no. 214.  It really helped me re-charged realizing my best ally is in me.

Fr. Frank said “a story is not story ’till we retell it.  So here it is…

Some people can’t bear to be by themselves.
They must have action and sound.
Left to their own devices,
They aimlessly flounder around.
Some folks don’t seem to have what it takes
To spend one hour alone,
And thus they never really found
What inner sources they own.
Now, as much as I like people,
And enjoy their company,
There’s a part of each day I must wander away,
Just to talk things over with me.
Try it sometime and you’ll be surprised
At how little yourself you’ll bore.
You’ll sigh with delight, “Why, this guy’s all right!
Why haven’t we met before?”

– Brother Polycarp


2 thoughts on “Story No. 214

  1. I just want to ask where i can purchase the books the next 500 stories and the next 1000 stories by fr. Mihalic… Please and thank you… I really love that books…

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